Welcome to frommany.com, the Web site for e pluribus, a network-expanded expert consultancy focused on designing, implementing, monitoring, and reviewing winning strategies and programs for the channel.  Our network-expanded strategy allows us to bring the right rangers to the riot in a way that focuses best-of-breed talent on our clients' problems.  We have deep expertise available in all areas of channel and project management, and can swarm a problem quickly, decisively, and cleanly.  Check out our services, and contact us to learn how we can help you get your products to market more profitably by improving your channel. 

Our Mission

We exist to increase our clients' profitability by applying market-tested insights and techniques to their channel strategies and relationships.

The Story of Frommany.com

If our company name is e  pluribus, why is our site named frommany.com?  Truth is (and we always tell the truth), our preferred domain name was taken, but not in use.  We asked the owner if he'd like to sell it, but he has an emotional attachment to it.  Frankly, we like that.  We're hard-nosed businesspeople, but think there's room in the world for emotional attachments.  Of course, "from many" is a reasonable translation of E. Pluribus, and our business model is to derive wisdom "from many" to create better channel strategies and relationships.  So there you have it.
e pluribus Management